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Atmosphere and music aside, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge is all about the cocktails.  While many people are starting to revive the ethos of the cocktail, we have been doing this for the past seventy-five years.  We offer a truly unique mix of fresh ingredients, unique liquors, and time tested methodologies.  We rarely use flavored vodkas and we never use pre-made mixes.  We pour our soda from cans and what ingredients we can no longer obtain, we have made.    

It is surprising to many new customers that we do not have a drink menu.  Never have.  With a list of over 450 cocktails, you would think we would have a list, right?  How do you know what you want when you can’t browse a list?  


The answer is simple and steeped in history.  As a forward thinking mixologist, Bryant’s founder Bryant Sharp felt that a cocktail menu limited the choice of the customer by directing them to a few popular choices.  In fact, many of our best cocktails would sound a little funny on paper.  A cherry bourbon drink with lemon?  A green concoction with whiskey, gin, and apricot brandy?  Most people would pass right by these drinks without a thought, which would be a shame given these are some of the best drinks in our inventory.  We agree with Bryant that it would be a shame to have a menu get in the way of a truly special cocktail experience.  


In addition, we have a lot of proprietary ingredients that cannot be divulged, which makes it a bit difficult to describe on paper.  

Instead of a menu, our expert bartenders and servers will help you find a cocktail that you will love.  It is true that you can order by flavor or color, strength or texture, base or size.  We have ice cream drinks, tiki-inspired hurricane drinks, classic cocktails, pre-prohibition cocktails, as well as an exceptional selection of unique depression-era cocktails, which are quickly becoming many people’s favorites.  These drinks, usually made with gin, bourbon, or brandy, offer taste combinations that can’t be found anywhere else.  


One popular way to order a drink is to be open minded, and simply ask the bartender to surprise you.  Of course, let the bartender know if you don’t like a certain ingredient (such as gin), have allergies, or want something strong or weak.  We have found that this is the best way to experience Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge.  Remember, we are not here to trick you or scare you, we are here to make sure you have the best experience possible.  


Too shy to order this way?  Here are some featured drinks you can order by name:

Pink Squirrel:

Created here at Bryant’s in the 1940s, this now famous cocktail is once again gaining popularity.  Our ice cream version has a sweet, nutty flavor and signature pink color.  Delicious.

Blue Tail Fly:


Once nearly as popular as the Pink Squirrel in Wisconsin supper clubs, the Blue Tail Fly is blue in color with flavors of bitter orange and vanilla. While not Bryant’s most famous drink, we are proud of it nonetheless 



Bryant’s probably serves one of the most authentic Hurricanes in the country.  Invented at the Hurricane Room in New York, this rum cocktail is a favorite in New Orleans and Milwaukee. 

Candle Light:


A traditional Bryant’s favorite with vodka, raspberry puree, and peach.  Served on fire, this drink is reminiscent of a candle’s soft glow.

Lonesome Highway:


Bryant’s cousin to a Bourbon Manhattan, elevating the experience with deeper, intricate bitter notes. Served up for the ultimate indulgence.



A popular vodka cocktail with flavors of lemon, and grapefruit, shaken and served up. Perfection - not too sweet or too sour.  Served up in a chilled martini glass.

Navy Grog:


This Bryant’s original is a tiki-inspired rum cocktail made with high-proof 151 rum and a secret spice mixture, created according to a secret recipe known to only a handful of people.  Served over shaved ice in a traditional skull mug. 

Frank’s Drink:


Our favorite man in the hat visited New York and came back a changed man.  We now know why.  For those of you who like your cocktails boozy, with a classic style, Frank’s Drink is where it’s at.  Rye whiskey, yellow chartreuse, and orange bitters, served up in a cocktail glass. 

Tom and Jerry

Our scratch-made house recipe! Creamy and spicy hot drink with rum and brandy. A real classic holiday treat. Available served in a souvenir mug designed by Pete Klockau of The Black Lagoon Room.  Served Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays in December.

Black Magic:

This is a very popular hurricane drink that tastes a little like a grape Sweet-tart, is very refreshing, and, best of all, is delivered to your table on fire.  And yes, the main ingredient is magic.

Brain Buster:


A Marquette favorite for decades, The Brainbuster has this name for a reason.  Rum, rum, rum, and rum, sweetness, and citrus.  If you finish the whole thing, you can ask for a Bryant’s bumper sticker.

Old Fashioned:


You can't go wrong with a traditional Wisconsin favorite.  Bourbon or brandy, served with bitters and simple syrup.  Many of our patrons say these are the best they ever had. 

Ray Gun:


This bitter pre-prohibition style cocktail features bourbon, Aperol, and lemon.  Named after the science fiction weapon, not the president. 



This Bryant’s original, which dates from the 1940’s, is a mysterious combination of Southern Comfort, lemon, and our specially made syrups.  It is hard to put your finger on the taste, but you are destined to love this old fashioned favorite. 

Mai Tai:


Not the Beachcomber’s original recipe, but we have been serving our 6 layer Mai Tai for over 50 years.  This is not the juicy concoction you find elsewhere!  This layered drink is so strong, there is a two drink maximum. 




Some of our drinks are more than just cocktails, they are legends.  The DeFrongue is one of those drinks.  Made from a secret recipe, this heady drink is known as an aphrodisiac.  Best part?  You get a poem book that illustrates the DeFrongue’s mysterious properties. 

Holiday Punch

Available Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve. For over 60 years we have been serving our famous Holiday Punch. The secret recipe, known only to a few, is a sweet and potent mix of spirits that is sure to warm your Holiday Spirit.  Start with a round for a no-wait experience. 

This is just a tiny sample of what we have.  There are 439 more interesting drinks waiting for you at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge.  And yes, for those of you who do not like cocktails, we do have a limited, but quality, selection of beer, wine, and champagne.  In addition, we can make tasty non-alcoholic cocktails for drivers or those who choose not to drink.  

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