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Punch Service

Celebrate Our 85th Anniversary with a Nod to History: Punch Service!


Welcome to Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, where we're raising our glasses to 85 years of exceptional cocktails and memorable moments. As part of our anniversary celebration, we're taking a nostalgic journey through our rich history to revive a cherished tradition: Punch Service!


The Punch Legacy


Bryant's love affair with punch began in the late 1940s with the legendary Bryant Sharp. Alongside his innovative mixed drink creations, Bryant was renowned for his punch concoctions. While we still safeguard some of his secret recipes, one thing is certain: he always had a punch bowl flowing. And why not? Punch has always been about fostering community and revelry.


Introducing Our Fall 2023 Punch Selection


Starting this weekend, we're proud to introduce three exceptional punches that represent the essence of Bryant's:


 Anniversary Punch

In honor of our opening in October 1938, the Anniversary Punch is a delightful blend of autumnal flavors. Expect a citrusy, herbaceous profile with a hint of fruity sweetness that pays homage to Bryant Sharp's traditional punches.


Bantam Punch


Savor the flavors of the 17th century with this traditional punch! Featuring the flavors of lime, black tea, spices, and arrack -  an ancient spirit from the East Indies that is similar to rum.


Kane Punch


Named for the Orson Wells classic, this punch features flavors of rye, rum, amaro, and cherry. Like Charles Foster Kane himself, it is rich, complex, and bitter.


No Waiting, Just Savoring


Here's the best part: you can order and enjoy your punch right away, just like a cocktail appetizer. It's a testament to the fact that generations before us knew how to elevate their cocktail experience.


Join us at Bryant's Cocktail Lounge and be a part of our history as we celebrate 85 years of timeless cocktails and the revival of Punch Service. Cheers to community, revelry, and unforgettable moments!

Holiday Punch 

Our famous Holiday Punch will be available form November 22 to New Year's Eve.  Get your first taste at our punch release party, November 22nd.  More details on our events page.

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